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Compression stockings and sleeves are essential for the treatment of legs’ and arms’ venous and lymphatic diseases. Their purpose is to improve the condition of the patients, preserve their mobility and alleviate pain caused by the disease.

Medical stockings and sleeves exert compression according to medical regulations, decreasing from the ankles to the upper end of the thighs, and from the wrists to the shoulders, ensuring blood and lymphatic circulation. Stockings and arm sleeves are produced in standard and custom sizes as well. The products belong respectively into compression category II and III. Custom made stockings can also be ordered in compression category IV versions.

Compression of medical stockings:

Compression category

Compression value at ankle



Category II – intermediate

24 – 32

31 – 43

Category III – strong

34 – 46

45 – 61

Category IV – extra strong

49 - 60

65 - 80

Before wearing compression stocking, consult with your medical attendant or find Application for further information.

Medical stockings are medical equipments, prescribed by a doctor only.

After the doctor has prescribed compression stockings to the patient, the patient has to visit a medical equipment store, where the exact measures of legs are taken, and the suitable compression stocking is selected.