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If otherwise not prescribed by your physician, it is recommended to wear the compression stockings all day long.

If you are wearing compression products for the first time, you should gradually accommodate your body to the compression stockings: at first wear them for shorter, than for longer and longer periods. The ‘accommodation’ time can last from one-two days until one-two weeks. This is necessary because in the first period of wearing compression stockings the serious pressure may cause an unpleasant feeling, as well as the impression as if the stocking or tight were ‘too tight’.

Because stockings are made of a fine thread, in order to avoid mechanic deterioration, pull stocking on and off with due care. We recommend using rubber gloves when pulling stockings on or off.

Pull-on recommendation for stockings

If you buy an open toes AF, AG or AM product, in the package you will find a green pull on slipper.

Pull on procedure:

Pulling on arm sleeves

Instruction for care

Compression stockings shall be washed by hand in lukewarm water (maximum 40 oC) with a slightly alkaline detergent. Wringing only wrapped in a dry towel. When drying neither place the product on a hot heater or expose it to the direct sunlight. Ironing is forbidden. Do not remove the threads or thread ends sticking out in the inner part of the product, because it could lead to the deterioration of the product.


The compression stockings and tights of the Pharmatextil Kft are declared to be therapeutic equipments of the I. risk category, falling within the EüM decree of the Ministry of Health no. 4/2009. (III. 17.) on medical devices, decree that is nationalising the Directive 93/42/EEC. These compression stockings and tights comply with the essential requirement provided for in annex no. 1 to the decree, and show a performance as intended by the manufacturer. If properly used products do not endanger the health and safety of patients, of treating personnel or of other people.


Pharmatextil Ltd. offers 3 months warranty on preventive products, and 6 months warranty on medical stockings, arm sleeves and joint supports. This warranty states that during this period, if abiding by the instructions for care and the recommendations for use, these products keep their compression properties and size during everyday use. The instructions for care and recommendations for use can also be found in the packaging of the products.