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In case of shortage of physical activity, thin veins fail to beat gravity and they are not able to carry back the blood to the heart. Synchronized operation of muscular system and valves carries blood in the veins back to the heart.

 Shortage of physical activity decreases or fades away the pumping effect of the muscular system on the surface of the veins so blood is not able to return to the heart properly. This process and the damaged vein wall lead to valve insufficiency called circulatory disorder.

 Developing a circulatory disorder increases the pressure in veins significantly, the thin vein wall is not supported properly by the weak connective tissue (muscle tissue) what develops varicose veins (risk factors: shortage of physical activity, obesity, pregnancy).

 Developing vein wall damage and venous circulatory disorder result in symptoms of venous insufficiency on long run. E.g.:

Treatment for circulatory disorder

 Venous stasis can be healed by application of different methods. According to the medical attendant's recommendation, an operation supplemented with medicine treatment may be carried out, but the base therapy in all cases has to be a compression treatment using compression stockings. The most effective and the most comfortable method of this treatment is wearing compression stocking regularly.

 Due to the pressure on connective tissue exerted by stockings, the connected tissue exerts pressure on the thin vein wall what makes the vein narrower so as to suspend valve insufficiency and support the pumping effect of muscle. This method assures blood flow to be directed to the heart.
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